Dave’s face tho 😂

Falling Away/Our Last Night.


Anonymous: wait, so you take requests for cursors?

I do :)


Anonymous: the folie de deux cursor is not working every time i put it on my blog it comes up with an upside down house :)

omg thank you for letting me know, i guess i accidentally put the wrong image url. its fixed now c:


        “I wrote Chasing Ghosts as a narrative based wholly on someone that has committed suicide and has passed onto the other side. It’s a story that I hope people will see for what it is; a example in song of why you should turn to someone close and talk instead of taking that last fatal step towards death prematurely. I just want to reiterate to people that once you’re gone, that’s it. There’s not ghosts. There’s no heaven, no hell, just finality and the wreckage left behind in the wake of their decision.” - Joel Birch, The Amity Affliction.